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Wayah Bald

For a breathtaking 360' view from the old stone firetower, drive South from Dillsboro on US 23/441, which joins US 64. Continue West on US 64 for 3.8 miles after the US 23/441 Exit (South). Turn right at Wayah Bald sign onto a two lane road. Continue 0.3 miles and turn left on Wayah Road (NC #1310). Continue West on Wayah Road for 9 miles to the "Wayah Bald" sign. Turn right onto gravel road. Continue until the parking lot is reached at end of the gravel road (approximately 2 miles). To return the way you came turn left on Wayah Road, or turn right for a scenic drive past Nantahala Lake and then into the Nantahala Gorge on US 19/74.).